Want to Try Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]? Start Here.

“At the end of each episode of Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood], hosts James III, Jerah Milligan, and Jonathan Braylock rate the film under consideration with either a raised black fist, a white palm, or nothing at all. Braylock explains that the proprietary rating system is “not based on how much we like the film or how well we think it was made. We rate them on how well they helped the cause of more leading black actors in Hollywood.” Over four years and hundreds of episodes, the show has evolved into an intersectional ally, periodically pairing movies like Crazy Rich Asians and Coco with guests from different cultural perspectives. The BMCJ Patreon expands the format further to include TV shows, pop-culture events, and blockbuster films with black actors in supporting roles. But to call this a great “black film podcast” would be reductive: In a market lousy with movie podcasts, Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood] is one of the funniest and best out there, period.”

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