Podcast Of The Week: Black Men Can’t Jump (In Hollywood)

Podcast Of The Week: Black Men Can’t Jump (In Hollywood): “This week, we’re heading Stateside to take a look at the best and brightest from Hollywood’s people of colour with Black Men Can’t Jump in Hollywood. Over the course of each podcast, which picks apart one film at a time, the trio question whether characters inform to break stereotypes, the character’s use in the movie, and ultimately if it helps ‘the cause’ of “black” Hollywood. That is to say, does it break new ground and offer something that until recently, people of colour weren’t offered. This could prove to be as surprising for them as it is for the listeners, with highly-praised race heavy features actually perpetuating something more stereotypical than it appears, while others that were assumed to be bad, actually had a lot more weight to them than first thought.”

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