10 Essential Pop-Culture Podcasts

10 Essential Pop-Culture Podcasts: “Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood] is a conversational podcast between three friends and actors: Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan, and James III — along with whatever guest hosts they might have. Each episode is dedicated to analyzing and reviewing films that star black actors, be it Hustlers or If Beale Street Could Talk or Shark Tale. The magic here is in the hosts, who have honed their casual, goofy chemistry over more than 200 episodes, offering the perfect mix of amusing tangents and relevant discussion. It’s a topic-driven chatcast for people who usually don’t like the rambling nature of chatcasts. It’s a film-review podcast for people who usually don’t like the stuffy, condensed conversations in film-review podcasts. Each episode clocks in around an hour and a half or two hours long, giving the hosts plenty of breathing room in discussion, while still never feeling underedited or too meandering.”

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