This Week in Comedy Podcasts

Kathryn: It’s an extremely political episode of the “nonpolitical podcast” as BMCJIH tackles BlacKkKlansman, Spike Lee, and a true story that’s hard to talk about. And for two-and-a-half hours, they do talk about it (that’s 15 minutes longer than the movie itself). Jerah calls it a masterpiece infused with passion that kids need to see and describes viewing it as the only black man in a sold-out theater. James calls it a perfect critical bookend, with Do the Right Thing, for Spike Lee’s career, but wonders if laughing at Alec Baldwin’s Colonel Sanders-esque white supremacist distracts from how terrible white supremacy is. Jonathan left the theater depressed, and impressed that the potentially feel-good story didn’t feel good. Then all three dive deep on the history of the project (Jordan Peele found the true story and told Spike Lee, who didn’t believe him) and on lead actor John David Washington, who is known for playing football, acting in HBO’s Ballers, and being Denzel Washington’s oldest child. The BMCJIH guys all care a lot about this movie and have exhausted all the additional information available about it — listening to this episode is a digest of all the long reads you have open in a tab but might never get around to. They talk film history and Harry Belafonte, and mispronounce (rightfully so) the names of several blonde Fox News anchors. Be prepared for a heavy episode! But there’s also time for fun: James finds out about the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie and truly freaks out.

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