The Hosts of ‘Black Men Can’t Jump’ Are Ready to Take Over TV

The Hosts of ‘Black Men Can’t Jump’ Are Ready to Take Over TV:

"If it seems like comedians Jerah Milligan, Jonathan Braylock, and James III have taken over every platform imaginable, it’s because they have. There’s their nearly two-year-old podcast, Black Men Can’t Jump in Hollywood, performances at UCB with Astronomy Club, and Thank You, Black People, a Snapchat and Instagram series they and writing partner James Carr produced for Comedy Central. With everything they’ve done, which also includes pilot scripts and solo shows, it wouldn’t be surprising if they had a comic book or lifestyle blog called The Swirl in the works, just to check every medium off the list. The creative foursome’s latest project is a web series for, called Projecting. Set in a suburban movie theater, the five-episode series follows three employees as they confront racial stereotypes, the threat of automation, and a theater masturbator. I sat down with them to talk about Projecting, podcasting, and why they’re ready for their next big thing. "

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